Sunday, December 28, 2008

Updates, Sorry, Mom, my computer was down the week before Christmas...

The week before Christmas: Carter and Spencer both had parties at school and I was able to go to both (Carter's was Thursday, Spencer's was Friday). They had a lot of fun. Carter's school even had a surprise visit from Santa. Carter shook his hand and Miana sat on his lap... without crying!!

Late Thursday night, Don (Dave's brother) and Christina came into town. They came to our house on Friday and spent the afternoon with us.

Friday: I found out my c-section date... March 25, 9am!

Saturday we went to a tree farm with all of the Tarbets and picked out a tree for Gary and Vivian's house. It was a fun day, despite the mud and me twisting my ankle (very bruised and swollen).

Sunday: church, dinner with cousins, decorating the tree

Monday: Dave and I dropped the kids off with everyone else at Chuck E. Cheese and we went and did some last minute shopping. Stores were crowded and we went to 6 different places trying to find the perfect gifts...
Tuesday: Bowling! I was told that being 6 months pregnant and having an ankle that was still not healed, I was not allowed to bowl. So I watched Miana and took a few pictures... The boys did very well: Spencer getting a 65 the first game and about an 84 or so the second. Carter got a 69 the first game and somewhere in the 70s the second game.
After bowling we went back to Grandma and Grandpa's house for lunch and a pleasant afternoon. Danielle, Christina, and I went to the outlet mall just to walk around a bit and get Christina a new sweatshirt and a few other things. We bought the little girls matching outfits, but we will have to wait to give it to them, they only came in size 4T. :) Really cute, though!

Friday, December 5, 2008