Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Trying to be better...

You know, I always hated how everyone made New Year's Resolutions and then by February they were done and back in old habits.  That's usually me, so for that reason I decided a few years back that I should make New Month's resolutions or New Week's resolutions or even New Day resolutions - something more realistic and with a shorter time frame for success.  I'm not in a "writing frame of mind" today so this makes this post especially hard for me, however, I had promised myself that I would write on this blog at least once this week.  There are a lot of things on my mind and wanted to get them out of my mind and onto paper, so to speak.
  The first thing I've been thinking about lately is how absolutely judgemental I am becoming in my old age.  No, seriously.  I look at people and, in my head, criticize things they do.  I have a million things that bother me and as I get older that list grows and grows.  I want to be less judgmental, but the problem is that I feel completely justified in my feelings - which makes it harder.  Maybe I will have a post on my most recent thoughts and hopefully get some feedback from you all on what to do about it, the problem with that is that I would have to air some of my grievances publicly.  Might be therapeutic for me.  :)
  The second thing on my mind is my current weight loss endeavors.  I started Weight Watchers in July and since then have lost 20 lbs.  Then we December, which entailed a lot of travel and sweets, not a great way to stay on WW.  Since then I have been steadily gaining weight instead of losing it.  Only by a few ounces every week, but enough that I am started to get frustrated.  Mostly because I feel hungry all of the time, have strong cravings for sugar, and cheat frequently to combat those 2 problems.  I need some willpower... any thoughts on where I can find some of that?
  Finally, I am teaching a Youth Sunday School class at church this year - the 12 year olds.  The students are a great age and so far (only 2 Sundays) it's been a pleasant experience.  Last Sunday we talked about seeing the Lord's hand in your life - Tender Mercies - when you know He has done something just for you that shows you how much He loves you.  I challenged the youth to look back each day and write down something that they saw.  I have been doing this, but I didn't write them down.  I wanted to take a second and write some of things I have seen this week and share my most profound one.  #1 - I realized what a great blessing technology is.  On Sunday, I was able to use my iPad to show the Sunday School class some videos and then later that day, my kids were able to video chat with their grandparents in a different state - pretty awesome!  #2 - I had the great privilege of having Dave's sister here for the past week... when she was gone, our house seemed empty, even with my 4 kids and 5 neighbor kids here.  We are lucky to have the family we do.  #3 - (This one is my favorite one) I took some dinner into my husband as he was getting some church work done at church.  He was using one of the empty offices there and when I walked in, I saw him with my spiritual eyes.  This was a great gift.  I saw who he is, spiritually, and was grateful for the gift of seeing him that way.  It's so hard to explain, but it really was an amazing experience.  So thankful to the Lord for the experience.  I needed a reminder of how amazing he is!  I'm so lucky to have him in my life.

So there you have it:  I want to be less judgmental, more iron-willed, and the Lord loves me.  :)