Wednesday, April 30, 2008

My sweet little baby... can do no wrong?

Doctor, posting today for yesterday!

I took the kids to the doctor yesterday for their 4 yr. (Carter) and 1 yr. (Miana) appointments. For those that care, Miana is 21 inches long (50%) and 19 lbs 2.6 oz (25%). I think by her next appointment we will be able to turn her carseat around, yea!! Both kids need shots and Carter sees the nurses come in and turns to me and says, "Mommy, can I look at your face? If I look at you, the shot won't hurt." I melted right there...

Monday, April 28, 2008

Carter and Andrea's Birthday!

More to come tomorrow... just wanted to mention it today before I go to bed...

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Birthday Party, read comments below first

I know it's long, I did edit it down from around 30 minutes to around 15, that's pretty good... I kept things in that are seemingly unnecessary because I wanted you to see all of the kids there, not just mine. Also, there are 2 clips that are in fast forward, this was to cut time, but also so you could see the scene, like the craziness and the very end where the 2 babies are waving at each other. No, I didn't show them opening every gift, that would have taken forever, so sorry if you sent a gift and I didn't include it on here... Good luck, feel free to fast forward...

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Earth Day

Today, Spencer got in trouble and our conversation went something like this:

Me: No, you may not go out to ride your bike.
Spencer: Fine. Humpf. Fine! I'm going to just recycle then. (remember, he's mad at me, this was said in a huffy tone. He then went into the kitchen, got out a garbage bag.)
Me: What are you putting in that bag? Garbage?
Spencer (still in a huff): Not garbage! It's Earth Day... DUH. I'm going to recycle.
Me: What are you going to recycle?
Spencer (starting to calm down a bit): Well, maybe I will have to pick up garbage.
Me: Where are you going to find garbage?
Spencer: I have to go somewhere where there is garbage, and pick it up.
Me: Oh, I see. Why don't you try in our backyard.
Spencer (completely calm now): Okay. Bye.

What else are you going to do when your mom says you can't ride your bike? After all, it's Earth Day, duh.

Friday, April 18, 2008

initials and acronyms... just something to break the blogging silence

There is a poem that I have been sent through email many times that comes to mind in the past few days. I will try to include it here at the end. I went on a field trip with Carter's class a couple of weeks ago. I had never been to the place where we were going and was not all that familiar with the city it was in (Winchester... we try to avoid the downtown area there because it is all one-way streets, streets that split depending on the lane you're in, and roads that just cut off and become pedestrian areas only...) So, I asked the teacher for the address so I could input it into my GPS. I did so and although we had issue because I didn't know where to park once we got there, I was at least in the general area. We got inside and I was telling the teacher that I had trouble finding the parking lot and she said, "Yes, you're PS3 would not have known where the parking lot was."
Twice in the last week a neighbor has brought his Nintendo DS over to play Star Wars when I tell the kids that the Wii needs to rest. Carter loves to watch him play and yesterday said to me, "Mom, I want him to bring his GPS back over so we can play."
So just for clarification: A GPS is not a gaming unit such as the PS3 or the DS, nor do the video game units give directions on how to get places. Perhaps it is time for someone to invent an all in one unit called i-GPDS3 which does everything so we don't have to remember all of those silly letters... I hear the i-phone comes really close...
Here's the poem (I don't have any references on who wrote it, why, or where it came from):
My son's a CTR ... I go to PEC.
I work for CES....I study the TG.
I read the B of M .... I probe the D&C.
I search the KJV . I ponder the JST.
Today in BYC ... we planned for EFY.
I stayed a little after ... and had a PPI.
The YM and YW .... are putting on a play.
It's one that I remember ...we did in MIA.
Before our oldest son ...went in the MTC,
He helped the BSA ..... complete their SME.
Soon our oldest daughter... is heading for the Y.
Soon our oldest clothing ... is going to DI.
Now, if you've understood .... this alphabetic mess,
The chances are quite good ... that you are LDS.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Baby's Birthday

Today is Miana's first birthday. I was looking for a picture to post and had trouble finding some good ones from her first day. Yes, I realize that most baby's don't have any REALLY good pictures from the first day, but she had a really good reason. She was in NICU for about 12 hours. So most of the pictures I have of her from day one are of her hooked up to machines to monitor all kinds of things. It's strange to see the picture now and realize that it was ONLY a year ago, it seems like so long ago because I have hardly thought about it since then. Yet, it seems like just yesterday that she joined our family. How is it that one event can seem like it was yesterday and like it was forever ago, all at the same time?

April 10, 2007 ________________________April 10, 2008

I was going to leave the post where it was but I have been really overwhelmed today remembering how it was that first day. For those that don't know and those that have forgotten, I will share the story with you... I went into the hospital that morning ready for my scheduled C-section. My doctor was running late but they were able to get started and in there very quickly. Everything went well, I was even able to have a successful Epidural for the first time (the last 2 didn't work for me). They got the baby out and she was a whopping 9lbs. 2 oz, my biggest baby yet! This was mostly due to the fact that she had a ton of fluid in her lungs (normally would have been squeezed out during delivery). They cleaned her out as best they could but needed to finish drying out her lungs by putting her in an oxygen hood. She was the biggest and loudest baby in the NICU. She had really strong lungs, as evidenced by the volume of her cries, but her oxygen levels would drop everytime they took her out of the hood, so she needed to stay in NICU. As for me, the end of my surgery took forever, I was in there for a really long time. Then into recovery, where my husband was able to join me for the first time ever (he may have come in for a few minutes after Carter, but I'm not sure), both because the surgery had taken so long, but also because they wouldn't let him stay with the baby while they got her set up in the NICU... When I was done in recovery, they wheeled me up to the NICU and wheeled my bed right next to the bassinet holding my baby. It was the first time I had to be brought to my baby instead of my baby coming to me. I layed there next to her, while she wrapped her tiny hand around my finger. She looked exactly how I felt, helpless. I was able to stay for only a few minutes (about 3 maybe 4) and then I needed to go back to my room. All day I sent Dave in to check on her, bring me pictures, report back to me. I was stuck there in the room and unable to see my new baby. I remember the nurse saying to me, just after my husband left for the day, "I'm sure she will be out of the NICU in the morning and you will get to hold her. " The MORNING?? No, I don't want to wait to hold my baby for the first time until she is an entire day old! I wanted her right then. The nurse said goodnight to me and told me that it was time for the shift change and that the next nurse would give me an update. I waited for about an hour and half before the new nurse came in. She said, "I'm sorry I wasn't here sooner, but I was checking in on the baby, they are getting ready to release her, they just have to run some tests and I will be back with her." I was so excited! They brought her in and I was able to hold my baby for the first time, nearly 12 hours after she was born...
It does seem like forever ago... but something I will never forget...

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

First day of April

Yesterday, which was NOT the first day of April, Spencer had a friend over. He says to the friend, "Tomorrow is April Fools Day, I am going to start playing tricks on people today." My first thought was, "you can't do that, it's not in the spirit of April Fools." My next thought was, "how does my 6 year old know that tomorrow is April Fools Day AND how does he know what it is?" I know, funny that I didn't think of that first, but I didn't.
This morning, the boys were watching a show and I was changing the baby's diaper, sitting on the floor. Spencer says, very seriously, "Mom, I just saw a mouse." He was totally serious. I looked at his face, trying to get a reading from it, he was completely serious. I said, "Where did you see it?" Still not sure if he was kidding. He had a half serious, half smile on his face when he told me he saw it under the couch. The smile made me think that he was kidding. So, I said, "Really? or are you tricking me for April Fools Day." His face lights up and he says, again - very honestly, "Oh, I forgot that today was April Fools Day. Carter! There's a Star Wars guy behind you!" All day long he has been saying things like that, "Carter, there's a giant jelly bean behind you!" It's weird because although he has admitted that he didn't actually see a mouse, it was like that was the only normal thing he's said all day, AND I believe he really didn't remember that it was April Fools Day today. It all makes me wonder... did he really see a mouse? Something must have made him say that... what was it? So there you have it, the most perfect AFD trick, say something serious and follow it with off the wall comments all day, it will leave your victim feeling completely paranoid for the entire day... Wow! That boy is good.