Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Carter!

Today is Carter's birthday (and Andrea's - Happy Birthday, Aunt Andrea!) In honor of Carter's Birthday, I have quote from him, from this very morning.

C: "Mom, do you know why we can't put our fingers in Tayla's nose?"
Me: "Ummm... why?"
C: "Because they don't fit, see?"

He then demonstrated that his fingers were too large to fit in the baby's nose...

Good to know...

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Quote of the day: Diaper fun!

Miana has a doll that she got for Christmas. I did this in preparation for the new baby coming, I wanted her to be able to take care of her doll while I was taking care of the baby. A couple of weeks ago, I gave her one of the baby's newborn diapers to put on her doll. She thought this was great and has left it on for all this time, but has never said anything about it, well nothing more than "baby, diaper." So today, she laid the baby down on the couch(where I change diapers) and opened her baby's diaper. This is what I heard:

Monday, April 20, 2009

Tayla at home: Week 1

What did your husband get you for having a baby?

Mine got me this fancy new microwave. We used to have one on the counter. He even installed it all by himself! Way to go, Dave!

Slide Show 1: At the hospital

A quick quote for today

It's time to take Carter to school, but I had to share this quote. I just got Miana dressed in some new jeans and new shirt from her birthday...

Carter: Wow! Miana, you look goooood in those new clothes. I could hardly recognize you!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I haven't forgotten about you, dear Blog readers...

Give me a break, I have 4 kids, yes, that's right, 4. My oldest is 7. That means that I am expected to do most things in the house myself, until Dave comes home late at night. That's right, last night he got home at 9:15pm. Yes, I am looking for sympathy. It is hard to blog when I am either asleep, cleaning something, driving somewhere, holding the baby, feeding the baby, or getting things for/helping the other 3 kids... (those are in order from least amount of time spent to most)

One quick quote from today: I asked Carter to check outside and see if Spencer was watching Miana play. Carter opens the front door and yells: "Spencer, you had better be watching Miana or you will be in so much trouble!"

Look for these posts to follow: Pictures of Tayla at 1 week, a million other pictures of Tayla, My bleeding scare, Tayla's lack of weight gain, Lack of sleep, Easter, Hi Ho Hi Ho It's back to work he goes, New calling, My first days alone, and Soccer...

I am way behind on posts...

Friday, April 3, 2009

Reality Check

Yes, I want to go back on my little "vacation." While I was in the hospital, Spencer had a fever (actually, so did I, but I will get to that when I finally write down the birth story - I'm not ready to relive that yet). Anyway, Spencer was sick most of the time I was gone. We never let him hold the baby in the hospital, which was a little sad for him but he was very grown up and understanding about the whole situation. On Friday night, Dave called me and said that Spencer was complaining about his ear and wanted to know about getting him into the doctor on Saturday. They went and it was determined that Spencer had an ear infection and possibly strep throat (although she didn't test for it). He was given antibiotics and sent on his way. The baby and I came home from the hospital on Sunday. Monday, we took the baby in for a quick check up at her pediatrician and her weight was a little low. Tuesday morning, Dave started to not feel well, but had tons of errands to run. At lunch time, he left the 2 little girls with me while he picked up Carter from school and did all the stuff he needed to do. I survived the 2 hardest kids (of course, both were asleep most of the time he was gone). That night he had pack meeting and left me with ALL 4 kids for 2.5 hours. Again, I survived. Wednesday morning, Dave woke up with a horrible sore throat and again left me with the 2 little ones so he could pick up Carter and go to the doctor. The doctor did not check him for strep but gave him antibiotics just in case (our doctor is like that...) Thursday, Dave was not feeling well at all, but we had to take Tayla in for a weight check at the doctor. She was down another ounce, and was looking very yellow. We were told to supplement more often with more formula. Also, we were told to take her to the hospital to have them check her bilirubin levels. Dave did NOT want to do this, he was tired and achy and just needed to sleep. He dropped the baby and I off at the hospital and he took Miana to run errands. In the afternoon, he picked up Carter from a birthday party and he did Spencer's homework with him, all while I slept. Then he fell asleep, but only for about an hour. Last night, the baby decided to have her most horrible night ever. She was up from 8pm to 3:30am off and on, waking up anytime someone put her down. Dave took the 11:30 to 1:30 shift, she finally seemed to be asleep, so he took some Nyquil and was out. Of course, she woke up as soon as he put her in the bassinet, so I took the 1:30 to 3:30 shift. She then slept until 5:30. So I got up with her, fed her, and fell asleep in the chair with her downstairs. I woke up at 6:50, just in time to get Spencer's stuff packed up ready for school. I got him some clothes and got him off. (Dave woke up about this time and I sent him back to bed). Tayla woke up and wanted to eat. I am wondering if she will ever sleep. The other kids have needed what they needed this morning, which seems to be a lot when you are tired. Dave is awake, but looks so sick and is very tired. I don't know how much longer I will last and today is our day with the 3 little ones home all day. It doesn't help that it has been cold and rainy all week and that EVERYONE has runny noses. It just might be a day for reinforcements... we'll see.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

On Vacation

Right before going into the hospital, Dave made some joking comment about me enjoying my upcoming vacation. Yes, having major abdominal surgery, being confined to a bed for the first 24 hours, and then having pain everytime you move after that for the next 2 weeks, certainly makes for a GREAT VACATION. When I got to the hospital, we were checking to see if there was internet access (for emailing pictures of the new baby) and found that the hospital's wireless is called: Guest Access. "Guest" hmmm. That's what we are called now. Hospitals don't have patients, they have guests. Also, I got to order room service everyday, 3 meals a day with snacks between. I had a really hard time remembering to call it a hospital, I kept saying hotel, completely on accident. There was an ice machine down the hall. I had people who cleaned my room daily, people who took care of me, people who took care of the baby, and people who would track down my people and send them to me if I pushed a button. I have determined that I was, indeed, on vacation.