Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Marissa, don't be shy!

Sometimes, people read blogs and don't leave comments. That's fine if you don't have anything to say, but if you do want to comment, then go ahead. As a note: Even though, I am having issues with spammed comments, I am still keeping my blog and comments public. I love comments and hope that you will feel comfortable leaving them. I have gone to comment moderation, so I will have to approve your comments, but please don't be shy!! I like knowing who is stopping by for a peek. I'm sorry I haven't been publishing lately, but I do still have 4 kids, 2 callings, 1 house, and 1 husband. I'm a little tired and a little busy!! Hope to hear from you soon!!

Worry Ghost

I still need to blog about the lake and I promise to do that soon. I wanted to write about the Worry Ghost before I forgot. It all started a week and a half ago at Family Home Evening. Dave taught a lesson about keeping certain things out of our house. He was talking specifically about what they watch on TV and why Mommy and Daddy have rules about it. He told the kids that we want to keep our house free from bad things so the Holy Ghost can come into our home. He mentioned keeping the house clean as another way to invite the Spirit. This week at FHE, Dave was out of town and I taught the lesson about how the Holy Ghost can help us to feel happy, but He can't come into our home if it is really messy and dirty. Being messy distracts us and makes it hard for us to feel the Spirit and it makes Mommy feel anxious and that isn't happy for anyone. Last night, we were getting ready to go pick Jaclyn up from the airport and I told the kids we needed to clean up to get ready for her to come. They picked up the toys in the family room (mostly) and went in the other room to get my shoes on so we could leave. Miana followed me.

M: Mom, the Worry Ghost is coming.
Me: The Worry Ghost?
M: Yes, he is coming.
Me: Do you mean the Holy Ghost?
M: Yes, the Holy Ghost. He is coming to our house.
Me: What is He going to do here?
M: He is going to break stuff.
Me: Miana, the Holy Ghost is nice, he's not going to break anything. He comes here to help us be safe and feel happy.
M: Mom... I so sorry, but the Worry Ghost is not coming here, he is with his family.
Me: He's with his family?
M: Yes, he's with his family and is not coming here.
Me: Oh, I see.

That was pretty much the end of the conversation. She was really cute and I loved seeing how her brain works. Apparently, she was really worried about this ghost coming here. That night, when we got home she looked around the house and said, "He didn't come. Mom, the Worry Ghost was not here." This morning, when she woke up, I opened the door to her room and she said, "The Worry Ghost is coming to help us clean up." :) I just smiled. At least she's not afraid of him any more!