Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Life with ADHD - an adult's perspective

So, I'm not very good at posting to my blog.  Mostly because Facebook is an easier forum for quick blurbs about my life.  I do have a goal of posting here more frequently, as I hope to document our lives better.
   This morning, I am short on time because it took me so long to get breakfast.  Why did it take so long to get breakfast?  Because 2 factors lined up for the perfect storm this morning - I am a mother AND I have ADHD.
    So, here's a glance into my life and why I can look back at the day and have no idea what I did and my house never looks any cleaner:
   Woke up, showered, but didn't get dressed, I just threw on a robe so I could run downstairs and help the boys get off to school.  (This all between 6:35 and 7:20am)
    Got the girls some breakfast while I sat down to check email because I was expecting a few.  Had a response to something I was waiting to hear from and replied back.  After responding, checked Facebook.  (this all finished by 7:50am)
   Realized I hadn't yet gotten myself something to eat so I stood up, looked at the clock and realized that I should probably go get dressed.  Got dressed and while I was up there, decided I should gather up the dirty clothes and start some laundry.  I gathered it all up but on the way down the stairs, realized that I still hadn't eaten yet and I really was hungry.  So, I dumped the clothes in the laundry room, and headed to the kitchen.  Once I got there, I forgot what I was doing (seriously, 10 feet from the stairs) As I was trying to focus on what I was supposed to be doing, my daughter came in and asked for a drink.  I noticed that her pants seemed short but didn't look like capris.  They were hand-me-downs so I didn't know if they were supposed to be pants or capris.  So, I checked the size and it was in Euro sizes and I didn't know the conversion, so I sat down to google a size conversion chart, meanwhile, my daughter is still standing there staring at me.  She politely (but starting to get impatient) asks for a drink AGAIN.  Oh, yah, I was doing that.  So I got both girls a drink and sat back down in the chair to finish finding the conversion - but as I did, I realized that I was REALLY hungry.  (this by 8:10am)
   I got turkey sausage patties out of the freezer to microwave and put them on a plate.  I then took the box to put away in the freezer.  On my way back over, I noticed a pan in the sink that had not yet been scrubbed.  I started to scrub it and after a few minutes, looked over to see my sausage, sitting on a plate still frozen.  Oh, yah, I was doing something, so I washed my hands and put that in the microwave and then put an English muffin in the toaster.  I walked over the computer and thought, I should write this all down.  Sat down and saw the conversion chart up and thought, "Did I ever finish that??"  So I quickly looked at the chart found out that my 5 year old is wearing something that is basically a 2T, got my breakfast together and sat down to document it.  So, here I sit, documenting...  the girls are still not dressed correctly (in stuff that's the right size), the laundry is still not started, and that pan and the other dishes are still not done.  I had good intentions, but I need to leave to pick up a neighbor from the car service center in few minutes, go straight from there to the park, and from there home to get kids lunch and M onto the bus for kindergarten.  It is right now 8:36 and the next possible time to do anything of substance in my house cleaning will be at noon.  So, next time someone asks what I do all day and I have nothing to show for it, just know that I haven't been watching TV and goofing off... I actually have been very busy.  I just have no idea what I did!!