Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Bacon Analogy

So... I my sister came over to celebrate my birthday with us and while she was eating dinner I heard this soft, but audible, "hmmm..." followed by "Bacon, why do you have to taste so good!?!"  I chuckled a bit, but knowing that it's exactly what I'm thinking while I eat it, I didn't think much of it until she added, "why did I wait so long?"  This brought about the declaration that she had, only recently, just tried bacon for the first time EVER.  She is 26 years old.  In disbelief, I asked a million questions.  "You mean, NEVER EVER?"
"I just didn't think I would like it, so I never ate it."

Having grown up in the same house and knowing that we had been given the same meals, I still couldn't believe that bacon had never once touched her lips... or more importantly, her taste buds!!  Think about the years lost without it!  I still find it hard to believe, but she assures me it is true.

Today, I went to my scripture study class where we discuss the New Testament.   We were discussing some history and background behind the chapters we were reading Matthew 14 & Mark 7.  In these particular chapters, the Jewish leaders were following him around looking for something to fault him with.  The teacher (who happened to be my wonderful mother) asked why we thought it was so hard for the Jewish people to accept Jesus as the Christ.  We then talked about Jewish law a bit and then she asked, "Why do you think it's so hard for people to accept Jesus Christ today?"

As people were answering, I had the thought, "because they don't know how much they NEED Him, they don't know what He has already done for them, and they don't know how much better their life would be WITH Him in it.  They think they are just fine as they are."

Immediately, I remembered my sister.  Why did she wait so long to have something that was good in her life? (okay, I realize that bacon isn't the healthiest food, but certainly is good tasting)  How could she be in the same house with me (growing up) and not have the same experience and understanding that I did.  Most importantly, why didn't she want to just try it?  Bring on the bacon analogy answers...

People live in the same world I do, but we have different experiences and understandings of life... just like my sister and I living in the same house growing up.  I am in awe (and some disbelief) at some of the things I see and wonder how we can all have such diverse view points on EVERY thing.  I look out at the world and wonder, "why are you waiting to have something good in your life, why are you afraid to try it?"  The answer is the same, "I don't think I'll like it."

Bacon is delicious, but you can't take my word for it, you have to try it for yourself.  Having seen miracles (literally) in my life, I can promise you that if you try bringing the Gospel of Jesus Christ into your life, you will like it.  You may even LOVE it!