Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Heavy Hearted

I woke up this morning heavy hearted.  There was so much at stake with this election.  More than any policy could explain away.  This was a choice between strength of character and the moral decline of society.  The candidates, as I saw them, were a man who truly had the country's best interest in mind and a man who loves the celebrity of being President.  I was hopeful that our country had enough good in it to pull it off but, alas, it did not.  A friend of mine simply posted the Facebook status of "Helaman 5:2"  This is what it says:

For as their laws and their governments were established by the avoice of the people, and they who bchose evil were cmore numerous than they who chose good, therefore they weredripening for destruction, for the laws had become corrupted.

I don't believe that the other party is evil, however, I do see some of their policies as evil.  As we look at society, all I see is change towards an increasingly more evil and tolerant (of evil) people.  I can't even put my finger on what it is to put it into words.  In voting, our choices are: 1) to kill babies or not kill babies - society continually chooses to kill babies!  2) destroy the family or protect the family core - society continues to vote to destroy the family (I realize that there are many definitions of family - I refer to the family as defined by revelation to a prophet of God), and finally, 3) we have the choice to praise those that work hard and allow them assist those in need or to degrade those that work hard and take from them in order to give to those that choose not to do for themselves. (I only refer to those that choose not to work, not those that can't)

I feel like many people voted for what our country can GIVE to them not what we should be working towards together.

I thought this morning about what it would be like if a family was like our country.  This is completely my opinion and a very simplistic view of what it would be like.  Let's say a man had 6 kids.  The oldest child worked hard doing chores for years, getting nothing in return during those years.  Finally, the man tells that child, that she no longer has to help with the family's chores and that he will now pay her an allowance.  Now imagine that the father tells the next child down that he must work hard at his chores and that all of the allowance he would earn will actually be the money paid to the oldest child as her allowance.  (At this point my kids would be rebelling - BUT with the promise of getting the same deal later might still consider it.)  The next 2 children are told that they must do their chores but they will not get any allowance at all - everything they work for will go to the 2 youngest children.  The 5th child is told that she will get an allowance and that in return she will only have minimal chores to do.  The very youngest child is too young to do the chores but the father feels sorry for her and decides that he will give her everything she has ever wanted, asking nothing in return.  The father then calls a meeting and asks for every child to vote on what he should do.  The choices being:  Everyone works to the best of their ability for our family, dividing the chores more evenly and everyone gets their allowance based on what they do  OR we continue the way we are doing it now.  The oldest didn't want to lose any of the allowance she was getting and the new plan would mean she would lose a small portion of it so she voted to keep things the same.  The next 1 was nervous that he would lose out on that promise of being able to sit back and collect allowance in the next year or so, so he voted to keep things the same.  The next 2 voted to change - after all, they were doing the majority of the chores and had no promise of sitting back and relaxing and getting paid anytime soon.  The youngest 2 voted to stay because they were getting so much out of it and not asked for much, if anything, in return.

What parent would want to teach their children the lessons learned in this?  What parent would ever allow 3 of the children to carry the rest??  None - so why do we allow this to happen in our society?? Why do we allow people to sit back and do nothing while others work?  This should be an outrage.  Why is it so easy to collect money from the government?  My sister's neighbor was a lawyer who YEARS ago quit her job to stay home with her little kids.  She quit her job.  Let me repeat that one more time - she quit her job.  I'm glad she chose to stay home with her kids, that's not the problem.  The problem is that she then went and applied for unemployment which she continued (continues) to get for YEARS after she quit.  Why would she get that??  I stay home with my kids because it's the right thing to do - I don't get paid to do it.  Why do people get paid to have depression or anxiety?  I have those things - I don't get paid by the government to have them, why should anyone else??  Why should we give healthcare or food stamps or any kind of welfare assistance to people who are here illegally??  We are bankrupting our society because we are so anxious to "help" when all we're really doing is enabling them.  Today I am angry and upset.  I'm having a hard time letting go and moving on.  I have been praying mightily for the leaders of our country that they will not be led by evil to destroy our country but will, instead, have their hearts softened and do good.

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~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

There's no question that I respect your view and agree with many of your thoughts!! This nation is in a difficult season, and I listened carefully to all of the debates and like you I felt that I was pretty informed on the issues. But in the end for some reason I just felt that Mitt Romney lacked substance as a Presidential candidate. As a stake president or other church leader there is no question I would have raised my hand and supported him. But we all watched the President work steadily through a difficult season--And we saw and all faced what I think were some hard truths and we have had to accept that there are no easy fixes--Which was why I voted for him to be allowed to continue what he started. I also continue to pray for the leaders of our country and I hope they find some way to reach across the isle and work together--There is just too much at stake. I hope you feel better, I really, really do!