Friday, August 2, 2013

No such thing as a free lunch... PART 1

This lesson was a hard one for my 9 year old today, and he is learning it in a way that you wouldn't expect.

Before I tell this story, I have to give some background.  In my last post, you may have noticed, that we started yet another way of doing chores with our kids.  This way seems to be working the best out of all of them.  Here is a quick outline of how it works:  I divided all of the household chores into 4 sections.  The kids are assigned a section for the whole week Sunday - Saturday.  Here are the sections and the daily/weekly jobs associated with each one:

Morning - Start a load of laundry and empty dryer (if necessary - take it upstairs).  Afternoon - switch laundry (move clothes to dryer, start it), fold 1 load of laundry, put away clothes where they go. 
Before Bed - Tidy basement.  Gather dirty clothes from bedrooms upstairs.
Saturday - Clean basement and vacuum it.  Start any laundry left in laundry room.  Hang up and put away hang up clothes.  Straighten Mom and Dad's bedroom- if necessary.

Main Floor Rooms: 
Morning - Make sure there is nothing out on wood floor and that shoes are all in shoe basket. 
Afternoon- Make sure there is nothing out on floor in living/dining room and that there is nothing on the couches.  Bring in trash and recycle bins on Tuesdays. 
Before Bed - Clean up Family Room, vacuum if necessary. 
Saturday - Vacuum all 3 rooms and sweep entry way.  Also put away stuff from upstairs hallway and stairs, vacuum both.

Morning - Gather all dirty clothes and take down to laundry room from all bathrooms, make sure all toilets are flushed. 
Afternoon - Sanitize all faucets, bathroom doorknobs, and toilet handles.   On Monday, empty trash from bathrooms.  Take Recycling & trash out to cans and cans out to street on Monday nights.
Before Bed - Use wipe to wipe all white parts of toilet and make sure that everything is put away off of counters in bathroom and that all towels are hung up. 
Saturday - Clean inside of toilets, clean mirrors, sinks, and floors.

Morning – Wipe down counters and make sure they're clean and everything is put away, load or empty dishwasher, as necessary. 
Afternoon - Empty dishwasher or load it, as necessary, put away items on floor, sweep floor. 
Before Bed - Clear table, wipe down table, load or empty dishwasher, as necessary, wipe down counters. 
On Saturday: Make sure all counters are clear and clean, clean/sanitize sink and faucet, and sweep and mop floor.

We start the week with doing the jobs beginning Sunday evening and then they progress to Saturday jobs, which has them do the major jobs listed and the night time job.  They then get Sunday morning and afternoon off for church and related activities, starting their new assignments each Sunday night.  Does that make sense?  Hope so!  There are still occasional odd jobs here and there that aren't assigned, just asked to be done as favors to Mommy, and the kids still need to tidy their rooms frequently, but as of right now, this isn't regulated either.  This is what the kids are responsible for, however, Mommy helps them quite a bit, mostly based on age and ability.  In exchange for all of this work, we pay a monthly allowance: the same amount as their age.  We also provide them food, a place to live, and clothes to wear.  They can spend their money as they see fit, with Mommy having the power to veto (at one point they decided to save up for a dog, yah, that's not happening, I don't care who pays for it...).  So, there you have it, our newest chore assignments.  Stay tuned for the next segment to find out about the "not-so-free" lunch.

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